Byway-Long Garage $ale

Cruise up and down our 287-mile long Byway to shop at the garage sales on May 1-2, 2015. Look for the RED BALLOONS! Sellers If you would like to have a garage sale, put up RED BALLOONS with your signage along the Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway to attract … Continue Reading

Geocaching in the Byway

With ample diversity in the landscapes and cityscapes along the Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway, there are plenty of locations to purse this up-and-coming outdoor hobby! Byway Alliance members have discovered caches hidden in city parks, on public property, near … Continue Reading

Interpretive Panels

Ten New panels were placed along the Minnesota River Valley National Scenic Byway in the spring of 2012. Byway panels are already located at sixteen Discovery sites. These interpretive panels were featured in the Minnesota River Valley National Scenic Byway 2010 … Continue Reading

Upcoming Events

  1. April 25 - April 26

    Salt Lake Birders Weekend

  2. May 29 - May 30

    AIM Weekend Walleye Series Warrior Boats Shoot Out Tournament

  3. June 14 - June 21

    Fiesta Days

  4. July 24 - July 26

    Town and Country Days

  5. July 29 - August 1

    Chippewa County Fair

Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway