Byway-Long Garage $ale

Cruise up and down our 287-mile long Byway to shop at the garage sales on May 2-4, 2014. Look for the RED BALLOONS!


If you would like to have a garage sale, put up RED BALLOONS with your signage along the Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway to attract customers.


Look for the RED BALLOONS as you enjoy the Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway on May 3rd!

City-wide garage sales (that we know about) are taking place in Granite Falls, Redwood Falls and Fairfax. But look for sales all along the byway!

Our goal is to get people out-and-about along the 287-mile long Byway to learn about our natural and historic sites. To help achieve that goal, we hope to have people participate by hosting a garage sale and for the public to patronize those sales. Get out and enjoy a spring day along the Byway!

There is no formal structure to this operation. There is no license, fees, paperwork or anything else involved other than a coordination of the first full weekend in May. We have publicized this at various City Halls, Chambers of Commerce, at various other community garage sales and other outlets along the Byway. We will announce the date, do some publicity and then let the buyers and sellers find each other!

Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway