Granite Falls Downtown District and River


How to get there: Follow the scenic byway signs from Hwy 212, 23, 67 or County Rd. 38

What you will find: Shops, restaurants, gallery, bowling alley, footbridge, parks, Popcorn stand, museum, tourist information, footbridge.

Services at this site: Limited

Visit the downtown shops, gallery and restaurants located along the Minnesota River. Stroll along the Minnesota River and enjoy the Riverside Voices mural and poetry project. Learn about the American Prohibition Story in Andrew Volstead’s hometown. Start with the Volstead House Museum, a National Historic Landmark, then follow the Prohibition walking tour through this scenic river town. Stop at the KK Berge Building for tourist information and to see the latest art exhibit. You’ll also find a popcorn stand that “pops” up from time to time.

Walk across the pedestrian bridge that links the two sides of Granite Falls across the Minnesota River; River’s Edge Disc Golf course is located on the east side of the river. The bridge was built in 1935 by the Minneapolis Bridge Company with the design and materials from the historic Roebling & Sons Company (Brooklyn Bridge). As you cross the bridge, keep in mind that it is an actual suspension bridge. Enjoy the Minnesota River and get into a kayak, enjoy a picnic or drop a line in the river. A few blocks farther down the river, spend some time in Memorial Park with bike and hiking trails with overnight camping available. Borrow a bike from our free bike stand near the footbridge.


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