Scenic Byway: Minnesota River Valley National Scenic Byway: Minnesota River Valley

Suggested Readings



Audubon Nature Guide to Grasslands
by Lauren Brown
This is a unique guide to the plants and animals who live on the prairie.

Going Nature, A prairie restoration handbook for Minnesota landowners
by Minnesota DNR, Section of Ecological Services, Scientific and Natural Areas Program
This booklet is intended as a guide for Minnesota landowners interested in doing their own small planting on native prairie where there is none left. This publication provides the specific steps you will need to consider and follow.

Guide to Minnesota's Scientific and Natural Areas, A
by Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Section of Wildlife, Scientific and Natural Areas Program
This guide is organized around four major sections of the Minnesota landscape: Aspen Parkland, Prairie Grasslands, Deciduous Woods, and Coniferous Forest. This guide is very well put together, easy to understand, and very informational.

Journal of A Prairie Year, The
by Paul Gruchow
ISBN #0816614261
A journal during a prairie year.

McClane's Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of North America
by A. J. McClane
ISBN #0-8050-0194-8
An identification guide with accurate, detailed drawing of fish found in the Minnesota River and all of North America.

Minnesota: Forgotten River, The
by Evan Jones
A narrative of the history of the Minnesota River and its people.

Minnesota State Parks, Jr. Park Naturalists
by Minnesota State Parks
This book is targeted to kids 7 through 14 who are interested in earning their Advanced Junior Park Naturalist patch and gold seal. Kids will have fun and learn with this book.

Necessity of Empty Places, The
by Paul Gruchow
ISBN #1571312234
Empty places.

Restoring the Tallgrass Prairie, An Illustrated Manual for Iowa and the Upper Midwest
by Shirley Shirley
ISBN #0-87745-469-8
This book is the ideal book for anyone thinking about developing a home prairie. This book compiles many old and new sources of information into a single volume and will be an invaluable future reference.

Roadside Plants and Flowers
by Mirian S. Edsall
ISBN #0-299-09700-5
A traveler's guide to the midwest and great lakes area.

Sand County Almanac, with other essays on conservation from Round River, A
by Aldo Leopold
none available

Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers, A Nature Conservancy Book, A Falcon Field Guide
by Doug Ladd
ISBN #1-56044-299-9
This book is the ultimate field guide to wildflowers of the midwest tallgrass prairie. This guide enables you to identify hundreds of talgrass prairie plants.

Where The Sky Began: Land of the Tallgrass Prairie
by John Madson
none available

Wildflowers and Weeds
by Zimmerman and Courtney
ISBN #0000000000
Wildflowers and weeds in MN.

Wildflowers, Grasses and Other Plants of the Northern Plains and Black Hills
by Theodore Van Bruggen, Biology Department, University of South Dakota
ISBN #0-912410-05-1
This book was published for those of who want to know more about wildflowers, grasses, and other plants. It is very informational and has great colored pictures of the flowers and grasses. It is a great book for anyone wanting to learn more about the beautiful flowers in the Northern Plains and the Black Hills.

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