Scenic Byway: Minnesota River Valley National Scenic Byway: Minnesota River Valley

Suggested Readings



Beyond the Ridge
by Paul Goble
ISBN #0-689-71731-8
A wholly original picture book. The concept of a long climb of someone who is dying. Taking a seemingly long, and endless journey up a distant ridge. The view will simply take your breath away.

Bluestem Horizon, A Story of a Tallgrass Prairie
by Evelyn Lee
ISBN #1-56899-596-2
This book is dedicated to teaching children about the preservation of plants, animals, and natural communities. Inside this book is an exciting habitat to explore, and a whole new way of looking at it- through the eyes of the animals that live there.

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky
by Chief Seattle
ISBN #0-8037-0969-2
All races- the red, black, yellow, and the white- were once believers in the beauty of the world. Brother Eagle, Sister Sky brings to mind the possibility of a world that once was paradise.

Buffalo Dreams
by Kim Doner
ISBN #1-55868-476-X
When a white buffalo is born in Sarah Bearpaw's community her family decides to make the journey to deliver gifts to the magical calf. Though not without some danger their journey is successful. Sarah is led to a special understanding of the best part of herself.

Heetunka's Harvest, A Tale of the Plains Indians
by Jennifer Berry Jones
Heetunka is the Bean Mouse who gathers beans every autumn, the women from the tipi encampment come to trade their suet or dried corn. One day a woman decides to leave nothing in return for the mouse, and the spirits start to get angry. When the woman ignores their warnings she learns a hard lesson about greed, and her tipi is the only one destroyed by a prairie fire.

Moonstick, The Seasons of the Sioux
by Eve Bunting
ISBN #0-06-443619-5
Expertly and beautifully told story about a young boy helping his father cut a moon-counting stick. With each rise of a new moon a notch is put in the stick. The young boy experiences, and learns the changes of the seasons and the changes that are to come.

People of the Buffalo, How the Plains Indians Lived
by Maria Campbell
This book with its authenticated drawings, tells how the Plains Indians lived: how they hunted buffalo, and made their tepees, clothing and tools. It also explains their beliefs, ceremonies and feeling for family life.

There Still Are Buffalo
by Ann Nolan Clark
ISBN #0-941270-67-X
This book is by an experienced author who knows her information very well. The wonderful illustrations helped to top off this wonderful book.

Welcome to Kirsten's World - 1854: Growing Up in Pioneer America
by the American Girls Collection
ISBN #1-56247-770-6
One of the latest publications in the American Girls Collection of historical fiction, this book has a great deal of information on Dakota culture and a chapter devoted to the U.S.-Dakota Conflict -- all written for children.

Where The Buffalos Begin
by Olaf Baker
ISBN #0-14-050560-1
Magnificent full, and double-page pencil drawings capture the immensity of the prairie and the mighty strength of the awesome beasts. This book provides spectacular pencil drawn scenes, as well as a great story.

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