Byway Alternate & Gravel Routes

This map shows alternative routes and picturesque gravel roads along the Byway. Zoom into the section you’ll be traveling for a detailed route. The legend icon at the upper left hand corner of the map will show you which roads are gravel.


Choose An area you Want to explore on the map

Or take the whole byway for the best adventure!

Not sure where you want to go? Get suggestions on the Itineraries page or view a list of the sites under Things to Do.


Find the Attractions you want to visit

Hover or click on Destination Map Iconfor more information on each stop. Use + and – to zoom.

Too many attractions to pick from? The filter helps you sort by topics such as Natural History and the U.S. – Dakota War of 1862, or go to the Things To Do map and filter by activities such as museums, birding or paddling.


Know where to go but want to add options to your route?

We also have alternative routes for you!

The Minnesota River Valley has so many beautiful roads that we identified alternative routes for your adventures along the Minnesota River. Some have sections of gravel too, so we’ve identified that as well.

legend for map
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Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway