Scenic Byway: Minnesota River Valley National Scenic Byway: Minnesota River Valley

Alliance Background, Purpose, Membership
  • The purpose of the byway is to encourage aconomic development through the promotion, preservation, and protection of the intrinsic qualities of the Minnesota River Valley.
  • The Alliance meets monthly in Redwood Falls (a central location for the byway) to discuss projects and plans for the byway.
  • The Alliance membership is made up of volunteers from cities, counties, chambers of commerce, museums, agencies and interested residents of the river valley. Membership is open to everyone. The only requirement is a keen interest in the river valley and an ability to attend the regular meetings.
  • The Alliance also has identified a list of "Partners." Partners are identified entities or individuals that would like to stay informed without the ability to regularly attend Alliance meetings.
  • Duties of the Alliance include: developing and distributing marketing materials for the byway (brochures, videos, website, etc.); seeking opportunities to work with other groups and organizations to preserve, promote, protect the river valley; to educate residents and visitors about the recreational, scenic, historical, environmental, cultural and archaeological characteristics of the river valley; seek funding to complete byway projects.

Alliance Members

Kristi Fernholz , Coordinator Upper Minnesota Valley Regional Development Commission Tourism Planner
Jean Hallberg, Chair Redwood Area Chamber & Tourism Executive Director
Nancy Zempel, Vice Chair Ft. Ridgely Historic Site Manager
Terri Dinesen, Secretary Upper Sioux Agency State Park Manager
Mark Anderson MnDOT Office of Environmental Services
Ron Bolduan Photographer - New Ulm
Brad Cobb Green Corridor Consulting
Carl Colwell Renville County Museum
Bert & Iverne Enestvedt Enesvedt Seed Co.
Bob Fox Renville County Commissioner
Jean Haas Le Sueur Tourism
Christina Hettig Renville County HRA/EDA Director
Jarrett Hubbard MnDOT District 8 Planner
Priscilla Klabunde Redwood County Commissioner
Al Sobrack Ft. Ridgely State Park
Pat Steckman Sibley County Tourism and City of Henderson Representative
Terry Sveine New Ulm Chamber of Commerce/CVB Staff
Dave Vogel Explore Minnesota


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